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About Mosaic Eternity

We at Mosaic Eternity

Pride ourselves in delivering on-of-a-kind mosaic designs.

Unique Designs


Quality & Craftsmanship



Custom Moroccan style mosaic mural done by Mosaic Eternity
Mosaic Pizza Oven done by Mosaic Eternity
About Mosaic Eternity Mosaic

About Mosaic Eternity

From humble beginnings in 2001, Mosaic Eternity has grown into a remarkable business and brand.

Born from the passion and dedication for this fine art form by Namibian, Hannes van der Merwe, the artist and owner of Mosaic Eternity.

What we offer

Beautifully hand crafted mosaics in glass, ceramics, marble, natural stone and gemstone etc. Professional glass tile installations. Interior and Exterior decorating and support.

Our Values

Artistic Excellence

At Mosaic Eternity, we believe in the power of artistic mastery. Each design we create is a testament to our commitment to outstanding craftsmanship and aesthetic innovation.

Customer Centricity

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. From understanding their vision to delivering a mosaic masterpiece, we ensure our clients are part of the creative journey.


We value honesty and transparency in all our interactions. Whether it’s delivering on our promises or communicating effectively, we uphold the highest standards.

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